COZINESS VALLEY / international competition
Murmansk, Russia 2021
Status: concept
General idea
The competition area is surrounded on three sides by residential areas, and from the east by the recreational area “Coziness Valley”. Together with good transport accessibility, it can become a link between these (now scattered) elements.
Red Line Park aims to turn this area into a landmark place for city residents, as well as to become a pleasant place for constant rest for residents of nearby houses. The concept is based on associations with such elements of the surrounding nature as mountains, sea and forests. It is the core idea of the concept of the Red Line Park.
Special features
To form a new visual environment, we used a complex relief, iconic landscaping elements and a variety of abundant landscaping of the territory. The iconic elements of Red Line Park are:
- Observation Decks at the Entrance, - Canyon Zone,
- Hills Pavilions,
- Center Ring,
- Red Line Pedestrian Bridge
The main entrance to the park is located along Kolsky Prospekt and is a continuous undulating plateau with cantilever viewing platforms overlooking the park area. From this plateau there are descents (directly to ground level), as well as exits to the Red Line pedestrian bridge, which runs throughout the park.
To the east of the entrance, there are pavilions, the roofs of which are formed by an artificially raised relief. These pavilions are like hills or waves that rise towards the entrance area. Thus, a zone is formed between the pavilions and the entrance area. This area of Canyon Park. This is a new modern public space for leisure, city events or just a meeting place. The pavilions house cafes, various shops and other enterprises serving the population.
The centerpiece of the park's composition and the most striking element is the Red Line pedestrian bridge. It starts from the eastern part of the park and runs throughout its territory, reaching a height of 20 meters above ground level. In the very center of the park over Lake Varnichny, the bridge makes a loop - this is the highest point, which serves as an excellent observation platform.
The culminating point is The Central Ring public area. It is a ring-shaped wooden flooring with a diameter of 120 meters and a width of 20 meters. This is a large area for outdoor activities. There are undulating pavilions on this ring that have areas for renting scooters, bicycles, etc. (in winter, skates and skis) and there is a cafe.
The park has an extensive network of pedestrian paths and public spaces. Thanks to this, the park provides for various scenarios of walking routes for visitors, such as: walking route along the large and small rings inside the park, jogging routes, as well as for a transit passage through the park. Thanks to the thoughtful and abundant landscaping, the park territory is protected from the wind.
Night Illumination
Due to the fact that Murmansk is located in the Arctic Circle, daylight hours are short there and the sun is not as active as in other regions. To compensate for the lack of light, we have developed a set of measures for lighting the Red Line Park.
1 - The bottom side of the pedestrian bridge is equipped with a linear light that illuminate areas under it.
2 - Hills Pavilions and observation decks are equipped with street lamps that create uniform illumination of the entire territory of the of the Canyon zone.
3 - Illumination of paths and public spaces is provided throughout the territory
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