SHORTLIST / international competition
China 2019
Status: concept
The aim of the City Mirror project is to create a new city landmark, a building of an extrodinary design. This building should work as an attractive point for the district - it will become a new social activity area in the city.
The site is open from three sides, so this allows us to create visual attractive building that can be observed from different angles and different points around the site area.
According to the competition requirements we tried to minimize build-up area, so the main building volume is lifted up above the site. There are several advantages of this solution:
1 - we can use site area for creating an open space around and under the building
2 - we have better views from the building
3 - the building is visible at the distance
A bottom part of the building, that supports the main volume, is
covered by reflective panels of a complex geometry, that produce continious reflections. So the facade is continuously conected to the enviroment.
An upper part is covered by sun shading panels. They protect rooms from extra solar heating and bright direct light.
The building has four levels.
Ground floor includes entrance halls, elevators and technical
rooms. This level is for to split people flow.
First floor is an common social area oriented to vizitors. There
are education area, lectures zone and exhibition area. All areas are connected to each other, and one area can be used in different ways depend on needs. For example open lecute hall can be transformed to the exhibition area and so on. Every building level has two types of rooms:
- open space
- closed rooms (for access natural daylight to the room some partitions are made of glass.
Second floor is for offices and dining.
Third floor is also for offices and research
Every floor has free space along the facade, that forms continuous
circulations and strong connections between zones and areas. This solution helps to create flexible plan organization.
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