Uyuni Salt Flats Shelter / international competition
Bolivia 2021
Status: concept
General idea
Uyuni Salt Flats have its unique context. On the one hand it is very simple, huge flat white plato going over the horizon; on the other hand this context becomes quite complicated when the plato, after the season of rains, turns into a mirror reflecting everything around. This extraordinary combination of the context and the absence of the context was the core factor for the design process.
The core idea is to put some life into such empty and lifeless place. In this case an association with white flower was chosen. This flower has four petals directly oriented to the points of the compass, three of them are moved up above the surface. Seems it is rising out of the ground, spreading its petals to the sun.
The surface of the petals is ribbed, that is associated with ripples on a pond. These ribs transform into the stairs on the south side of the pavilion, creating a long path to the roof 360o observation deck. Observation deck is also in the shape of petals of flower, that corresponds to the common idea of the pavilion. It is made of coated glass that allows sunlight to go through, filling the interior of natural lighting.
In memory of natives who lives here long time ago I decided to add some elements of an ancient culture to the interior, that reflects the uniqueness of its place. I put some copies of Indian statues and place them to an aquarium with salt water. After time salt will be crystallized on the surface, creating unique image on it.
Basic interior colors are white and light grey that correlates to Salt Flats with its pure endless surface. I add some live colors to the interior space via blooming trees.
These trees are in the rolling planters, so it is possible to arrange plants in different combinations for different purposes.
There is a huge glass roof in the center of the pavilion, that also plays a role of an observation deck, it is a bit transparent, so you can see people that are outside.
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